Adventures of Ponyboy

 Dad’s Smith-Corona


My emotional thesis statement.


Born 1970

San Diego, CA


Other Places I’ve Lived

Denver, CO
Los Angeles, CA
Honolulu, HI


Goals for life on the road

California Missions
Hillerman Country
National Forests
National Monuments
National Parks
Route 66
Route 101

The Adventures of Ponyboy is my public chronicling of who I am at any given time. I’m always me. But there are a lot of different sides to me.

There are some huge gaps in what's been happening when. Those are clearly the lowest points.

In the words of a man and now an entire fandom, "Always Keep Fighting." And that's what I do.

For now I live in the Hollywood Hills somewhere near the Capitol Records building. As much as I love listening the traffic on the 101 (no, really, I do) a more transient life calls. It's going to require some serious, and quite frankly scary, downsizing. There is a storage unit in place. Now I just need to get organized and get rid of some of this stuff.

Over the years my bills have been paid posing as a ticket seller at Universal Studios, a high school lunch lady, a dispatcher for a private security company, a banker, and as a seller of fine fountain pens. Now I’ve taken a leap and will finally make my living doing what I do best: writing.

Carpinteria State Beach


me/not so much



dirt roads
rainy days
thunder storms
ocean spray
the walk of fame
open highways
san miguel loop


not so much


leaky faucets 

direct sunlight 

spoiled milk

rude drivers



strawberry milkshakes
cold coffee
macaroni & cheese
grilled cheese sandwiches
tuna noodle casserole
jack daniels
fizzy water


not so much

airport security


partisan politics

air math




board games
pixar shorts
universal studios
live music
u.s. history
murder mysteries
true crime
pre-raphaelite paintings

My happy place. 


This little blue hippo started as a connection to my two sisters; three sisters, three hippos. I got to name them after the three brothers in one of my favorite books, S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, which makes Beth’s Darrel, Kathy’s Sodapop, and mine Ponyboy. We take photos and share what we’re doing. It’s a way to keep connected over all the miles. Ponyboy will be making a lot of appearances here.

Rise up o flame…


Van Life


Miles Driven



States Visited



Nights on the road


My Sprinter 4x4 is at the Mercedes dealership in Fresno. She’s a 24’ long, high roof custom marvel in metallic dolamite brown. I just visited Sportsmobile West to finalize the build and visit her for the first time. I’ve dubbed her Root Beer Float.

She is beautiful.

Thanks for joining me.