Hermosa Beach

I walk so slow.

A couple of weekends ago I drove down to Hermosa Beach. It's part of a new set of goals. The Mission Mission fizzled big time. I'm going to blame the distance all over the state. I'll get back to that once I have my van. For now I'm going to start exploring LA. I've had this deck of cards 50 Adventures on Foot for eight or nine years. Before now, I'd only done one of them. So, the goal is to finish this deck before I get the van.

Anyway, I walk really slow. It took me two hours to walk the Hermosa Beach Pier and The Strand. My point though is that I did it. It wasn't that far and it certainly wasn't that tough of a trek on a completely flat sidewalk along the beach.

I repeat: I did it. Not too long ago, like a week ago, at least one of my two days off was spent in bed. No kidding. I barely left my bed. A month ago it was both days. A whole weekend and I wouldn't leave my bed.

Since March I've been doing a little better. The Universal Studios pass has got me moving more than I have in age. Even the camping couldn't get me to go do anything because I still felt like a slug the whole time I was camping. Going to the park however, you gotta walk just to get there from the car. It's been good for me. When I went with some other folks a couple of weekends ago, they were feeling the walking while I was still feeling good. Motivation!

Another thing I added to the mix two weeks ago was my morning yoga. That makes it sound like more than it is. It's not full blown yoga in crazy poses. Honestly, ain't no way I'm doing that anytime soon. No, this is an AM Yoga Stretching & Meditation practice with Rodney Yee. It is AWESOME. It's gentle, not easy. I can't put my forehead to my knees while lying on my back. Yet. The easy part is that it's only fifteen minutes. I can manage fifteen minutes.

Another huge motivating factor is my Apple Watch. Obviously it's a watch. It's also my alarm in the morning, no more phone buried under pillows and I can't hear it. It's also keeping track of my steps and making sure that I stand up enough. I'm quick to slip into a daze that leaves me wondering what happened to the last three hours. For the last month I've been watching little circles go round and round making sure I'm moving. At all. There's satisfaction in seeing the red and blue circles completed each day. I'll work on the green one next. I'll get there.

For now I'll keep planning walks for my days off. Even at my super slow speed, each step counts.