Good Night 2018

This is my 2018 top nine from Instagram. Interesting.

Supernatural does play a big part in my life and not just on Thursday nights and Netflix. What I like about these four @cw_supernatural posts is that two of them are my photos from Paleyfest. That was more crowd than I like but because it was at the Dolby Theater it kind of felt like home turf. Plus I got to see both Baby and The Mystery Machine. I mean, come on!

The top nine algorithm doesn’t count videos. I have one from Paleyfest that received 138,877 views, which is nuts! Shows you the power of a good #hashtag.

The other two Supernatural posts are reposts of one of my heroes, @kimrhodes4reals. First is Kim’s statement to us, the crazy fans, during the #SaveWayward campaign. The campaign failed to get the spinoff picked up. It succeeded in proving that women have a voice and want to see a show filled with strong women. Sometimes you have to write your own story, maybe literally. All the Wayward Daughters are doing their thing. Kim and Briana started The Wayward Podcast. Kim’s closet is their recording studio! If you want something, go after it. Do what you’ve got to do. The only lines you need to color inside are legal ones.

The point is that when one door closes, another one opens. But you do have to turn around and look.

The other Kim photo is outtakes from a Wayward photo shoot with her husband, @travishodges_us. He captures her beauty and her badassery. His caption of this photo calls her a “warrior poet”. I love that. I want to be that!

An artist that I have grown to love more and more in the last couple of years is @spaghettitoesdad. Martin and his daughter, Harper, have a cool relationship. His wife seems like a hoot! She’d kind of have to be to allow Martin and Harper to be the artists they are. His portraits are caricatures and cartoons without being caricatures or cartoonish. I know that doesn’t make sense. Go check him out. He sees with a delightful skewed eye.

My favorite Christmas tree. This is the last year I’ll live where I can see it every night. In fact, tonight is the last night it’s lit! Wow. Next December I’ll have to come spend at least one night in Hollywood.

Which leads me to the two most exciting photos in this collection: the day I found out my Sprinter was in the US and the day I met her, my gorgeous Root Beer Float. I cannot wait for my rolling home! @Sportsmobilewest should have her ready in a couple of months. Then I will be on the road full time.

What this collage doesn’t show is that I’ve quit my job. Yep. It’s over. And after about three days of swinging from smug satisfaction and having panic knock the breath out of me I’ve settled into feeling positive about the future. Short term I’m going to pay forward all the help and support I received while I was doing chemotherapy. A friend is having surgery that will need six weeks of recovery. I’m going to stay with her, take her to appointments, cook (or pick up food from her mom’s house), keep the house clean (I can do it when I need to), and generally make sure she’s taken care of until she’s up and running again.

While I’m taking care of her, I’ll be launching my writing career. That’s right folks, I’m going to go for it. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s the one thing that I’m good at that most other people aren’t. Lots of people have the same organizational and office skills I do. Those skills can translate into any industry. I’m going to use them to MY advantage rather than someone else’s.

2018’s been quite a year. Not one I’m going to miss. This next year isn’t going to be easy. No new career is easy. Might be making a horrible mistake. That’s what the panic that steals my breath keeps trying to tell me. The panic lies. I have to remember that.

BTW: I do sing in the car, not well but very, very, loud. @donald_aison

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