There are names and dates and places and spellings on Adventures of Ponyboy that are going to be incorrect. I have done my very best to ensure accuracy when possible. However, should you find something you think is incorrect, by all means let me know. I will either make the correction or let you know why I'm choosing to leave it the way it is. Probably.

Now why, you may ask, would I willfully maintain incorrect information? There are lots of artistic reasons and a few practical ones. I may have changed names or locations to protect the innocent. Or to protect myself from litigation. Those are far and few between, but you never know. It could be that I am working from my memory which can be faulty at best or someone else's memory which is only as reliable as the individual sharing it with me. Perhaps it's coming from a photo for which I have no true memory but only know the story of the image as has been told to me. 

And sometimes, let's face it, I make shit up. I'm a writer, not a reporter. I will take artistic license where I think it works and suits what I'm writing at the time. I will combine people and make up places. So if, beyond any genuine factual error that can be empirically documented and annotated with surveillance photos to prove your position, you believe that something on this website is incorrect, let's go with the idea that it's a work of fiction. All of it.

Except that I've lived it all inside my head.